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Dear Millennials

25 Sep 2023 . category: poems . Comments
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Dear Millenials,
Born amidst the digital revolution’s gleam,
A world at your fingertips, it feels like a dream.
But with screens as companions by your side,
Do you sometimes wonder what’s been denied?

In virtual realms, you dwell so deep,
A life lived online, you silently weep.
Connections lost to likes and shares,
The art of conversation, it wears and tears.

Born into this modern age,
You seek solace in a digital stage.
Yet, in the physical, something’s amiss,
Longing for touch, for a warm embrace.

Out there, they fear you lack,
The grit and strength to stay on track.
In a world of instant gratification,
Do you lose sight of long-term dedication?

Dear Millennials, burdened by loans,
While chasing dreams, the cost dethrones.
Education’s key becomes a lock,
As debts accumulate, like a ticking clock.

Expensive housing, another plight,
Inflated markets, a formidable fight.
Dreams of owning a place to call home,
In a world where property prices roam.

You signed the dotted line,
Unaware of the chains that would entwine.
Student loans, they beckoned with allure,
Promising futures that seemed secure.

Yet as you graduated with degrees,
You faced a reality that brought you to your knees.
In a job market that played hide and seek,
Your dreams and aspirations felt too weak.

Dear Millennials under pressure and constant strain,
Anxiety and depression leave their stain.
The weight of expectations takes its toll,
As you navigate through life’s complex role.

Relationships, too, become a test,
In a world where connection’s often stressed.
With screens and distance in between,
Authentic bonds may not be as keen.

In the pursuit of love and affection,
You face challenges that beg reflection.
Communication, a dance of fears,
Misunderstandings, shedding tears.

Dear Millennials,
Amidst the struggle, your generation lies,
Caught between two different skies.
Baby boomers, with a world now past,
Look back at life’s journey, and shadows cast.

Gen-Z, on the horizon bright,
Navigates life with fresh insight.
As Millennials bridge the gap between,
The past and future is unforeseen.

But amidst these doubts and naysayers’ cries,
Dear Millennials, you still rise.
For you’ve harnessed technology’s might,
To fight for justice and shine a light.

The older generation may cast their doubts,
But they, too, once faced their own bouts.
In every age, there are concerns and fears,
Yet through it all, progress appears.

Thanks Millennials, for taking a stand,
Empowering change with your demands.
Advocating for justice and equality,
You shape a future with tenacity.

With open minds and hearts that care,
You tackle global issues, be it anywhere.
Climate change, social justice, and more,
Your activism echoes shore to shore.

Let’s raise our glasses to my generation,
For we’ve faced hardships with determination.
Dear Millennials, together we’ll find the way,
To break free from the grip of loans, we pray.


Kenneth Nwafor is a data scientist and software developer with great experience in the tech industry. He loves to write about tech, science and life in general.